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Simple Curly Styling: The Weekly Routine

Sleep on a silk pillowcase, wear your hair in a pineapple, release in the morning, fluff and DONE!

If only this were the case, I know.

To be honest though, once you get a routine down, “fluff and done” won't be far off from reality.

So, let's get started with your routine —

It's your day off, time for you to chill at home, get some errands done and pamper yourself. Today is wash day. Wash day is also extra moisture day. If we are going to take everything out, best believe we are about to put double the amount back in!

  1. Use your shampoo 2x minimum - really scrub your scalp all over using the pads of your finger tips. Be careful not to bunch or scrub the curls together while washing (this will cause tangling and knots)

  2. Mask - time to put that moisture back in — apply your OH CURL cream

  3. Detangle - while cream is in, gently detangle hair with fingers, comb or brush

  4. Let sit - clip up and wrap in a shower cap or plastic bag, leave for another 5 to 10 minutes minimum

  5. Rinse - lightly rinse, leaving a bit of cream in your hair, while also making sure there is none left on the scalp itself

  6. Cream - apply the desired extra amount to your ends for styling purposes

  7. Get out - clip up or tie in a loose bun on top of your head

  8. Gently place your cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel on your head and loosely wrap

  9. Let your hair down

  10. Decide if you'd like to scrunch, twist, or comb and leave be

  11. Decide if you need extra hold - if yes, apply your gel, mousse, or glaze

  12. Air-dry or diffuse

This should, at the very least, last you 2-3 days.

Be patient — Remember, practice makes perfect!



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