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Mornings & Refresh

Good morning curly Queen! Time to let those curls down.

Here's how to get your curls started for the new day:

  1. Once you're up from your slumber, release your hair from its pineapple or scarf.

  2. Let it fall how it wants and give it a few minutes to get back into place —meanwhile, let yourself get ready with your other morning routines.

  3. Once you've given your hair some time to see how it's going to sit for the day, take your spray bottle (quarter bottle of water + a few pumps of conditioner/styling cream — adjust as needed) and spray directly to the pieces that are out of place, undefined or frizzy. If needed, apply extra product on top of the damp pieces.

  4. Give it a light scrunch and go! It is preferred to let it air dry, but if you're dealing with more than a few unruly pieces, you may need to use the diffuser. Keep playing around with this method until it's working for you the way you like.



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