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Shampooing : a Quick Tidbit

Depending on your hair texture I hope you're only washing your hair one to three times a week max. I only wash my hair every 2 weeks. For those of you reading this and thinking you don't need to shampoo your hair at all… well, you're wrong.

Yes our scalp produces its own natural oils and yes they are good for you. But we add so much extra to our scalp and hair throughout the week, whether it's environmental, pollution, styling products or just plain old sweat.

At some point our scalp and hair do need a good wash. Build up can only be left alone for so long — 2 weeks for me.. And yes, there is such a thing as washing too soon. Co-washing or even a little rinse or two between your wash day is much better for your hair than a true shampooing.

When we wash too soon we don't allow our natural oils to nourish and moisturize our hair. When co-washing or rinsing, it helps to move those oils from your scalp down towards the ends of your hair. When we wait too long to wash, we allow build up, skin irritations and even odor to take place.

I'll say it again: co-washing and rinsing, co-washing and rinsing! You should be doing this at least once to a few times a week.

But wait, what is co-washing? Co-washing is using conditioner as if it was shampoo. The trick is to thoroughly rinse your hair after.

Well what about rinsing? Rinsing hair is with water only, this is also a great way to remove most visible dirt and debris.

Rinse or Co-wash? If you have thin hair, rinsing may be enough. If your hair is thicker or more coarse, adding conditioner for a co-wash might be a big help! I say test out each way and see what works best for you.




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